Frittata Frittata

Monday, February 1, 2010

I love desserts, and in order to balance out my love for sweets, I try to eat healthy meals. I prefer sweet to salty, and I rarely get cravings for things like chicken wings or potato chips. I'd eat a salad for every meal if I could have a cookie for dessert!

Over the last couple weeks I've been buying vegetables and not doing much with them. I had been enjoying my lean cuisines (yes, I enjoy lean cuisines) and leftovers. I also recently bought an enormous box of eggs since I run through them like crazy for baking. So I decided to make a frittata!

I used the tart pan that I had bought a long time ago but then never really made a tart with.. And I decided to throw all the contents of my refrigerator that belong in a frittata into a pan. I sauteed them and added some basil pesto chicken sausage from Trader Joe's into the mix. Then I elegantly tossed them into a pan and they landed like this:

And then poured eggs on top (as many as it needed to cover it, I think I used about 7), sprinkled some cheese as well, and baked it.

It was yum yum yummy. And will take me several meals to finish!

I suppose someday I will have to use my tart pan to make an actual tart or pie, but for some reason I'm afraid of screwing up the dough. However, my bff J let me borrow a book that HLi also recommended to us, called Ratios and it's amazing. It shows you the ratios to making dough/batter/gravies of all things food, so you have that base to begin with, and then can modify as needed. The book is definitely making tart/pie dough look super easy so that may be coming soon :)


Aba said...

Ooh, that looks good! Are frittatas essentially crustless quiches?

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