Brownies, brownies and my war with pollen...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just want to say, my immune system is stupid. After 15 years of living in Atlanta, my body has finally lost the fight to pollen. I haven't had an allergy test yet but I wake up severely congested every morning and am sneezing for no reason. I used to love spring, but not like this! Sigh. Now I truly feel bad for people with severe allergies.

In other news, I love love love mint and chocolate combined. I know a lot of people don't, but I do. There's just something about it. I love the minty aftertaste! Anyone who knows me, knows I'll try anything mint chocolate. I've tried so many different ice creams, chocolate bars, cakes, etc. My favorite is the Ghiradelli mint chocolate square. I don't like the mint infused into the chocolate, I want to see the mint! My least favorite is After Eights and York Peppermint patties. They're not bad, but I feel like the mint overpowers the chocolate... I have this weird thing about balancing the flavors in my mouth...

Anyway, I saw this recipe for mint chocolate brownies and I just HAD to try them, even though they had York Peppermint patties in them. I figured the whole chocolate brownie would even out the strong mint taste, and they did!

I also saw Heath toffee bits on sale so I bought that bag and made half the brownies with toffee bits and the other half with the York. I think I preferred the York ones. They were very dark and rich, but more cake-y than fudgy. Eating just one curbed my chocolate craving for the day. I would definitely keep a bag of these brownies around cuz it's hard to eat more than one!

I'm tempted to attempt to bake the Ghiradelli squares into a dessert at some point. I've been a bit of a mad scientist with my desserts these days, and since I haven't posted so frequently, I think you can imagine how those have been turning out...

Anyway, if you like dark chocolate, the recipe is here! I made them in brownie bite style, and added toffee bits to half. I usually like brownies because of chewy edges, but these aren't chewy, they're more cake-y :)

Hope everyone is enjoying spring!


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