A Busy Festival Weekend in the ATL

Sunday, April 18, 2010

                                                                                   Piedmont Park

This weekend in Atlanta was the Dogwood Festival, the Atlanta Bake Sale, the return of Freaknik, the Sweetwater Beer Festival, and a couple of other things as well. 
This made it just a tad... traffic-y everywhere!

But it was still a good time. So I had heard there was going to be a bake sale run by food bloggers for charity. I really really wanted to participate but couldn't get into contact with the person in charge until Friday night at 9pm. I was supposed to drop off the goods at 8am in the morning! I considered not doing it, but then I reconsidered that. I figured it'd be a way for me to meet other food bloggers, and have people try some of my stuff.

I stayed up till 1am making Japanese cheesecake mini cakes which I smeared some blueberry jelly on top of. I'm going to have to make those next week to take to StL. I didn't get any photos because, well, it was nighttime so crappy lighting, and also I was stressed. It probably wasn't a good idea to try to make something absolutely new for me. Cheesecake requires a "water bath", which makes it sound so snobby, hah. Each batch also took about 40 minutes and I made 3 batches.. I'll go into it in detail in another post.
I was scared they wouldn't taste good, so I made chocolate macarons as well. Probably the fastest I've ever moved with them. I made a simple chocolate ganache peanut butter filling.

I showed up in the morning to drop off my stuff and it was so nicely set up and pretty. I had pre-packaged my items and they were probably the ugliest of the lot.

                                                Not the typical high-school bake sales I'm used to!

In any case, my family and I stopped by the bake sale a couple of hours later and my chocolate macarons were gone! I still had a few cheesecake bites left though.
We bought a bunch of delicious goods, all in the name of charity of course :) 
My favorite chocolatier Maison Robert donated a flourless chocolate cake, and I tried a turtle brownie from Cacao that was seriously heaven. Like, seriously.

                                             Lemon Shots from the bake sale... Surprisingly yummy!

I really liked the small part of town where the Bake Sale was held. I had never been to Cabbagetown Market before! It was so eclectic, and weird, but weirdly awesome. On the walk to the bake sale, I saw this:

                                                                     Someone's backyard...

                                                       I want to sit here and lounge. So cute!

                 These faces made me think of Hao, or maybe just something she might find amusing... :)

                           For some reason I wanted to take a picture of this for Zenobia and Hao. Weird.

                                                                               Jailed flowers!
Then we headed over to the Dogwood Festival. I had never been to the festival before (and I've lived here 15 years, I'm terrible, I know) so I finally went!

                                         The lady on the left was taking a pic of the guy on the blanket, ha

                                                    They were making expensive Asian stir-fry!

                                                         There was a long line for ribbon fries...

                                    This cute girl scout kept bellowing "RECYCLE" at everyone. I liked her.

                                                                   Some cool art exhibits!

                                       The giant Powerball guy was hassling another guy in a golf cart...

                                                      A whole exhibit on Humpty Dumptys...

                                                                            This was cool...

                                                          Everyone got to paint this :)

All in all, a very exciting and fun-filled weekend. Now I'm spending most of my time trying to avoid all the yummy stuff my mommy bought at the bake sale. It's not easy.


Aba said...

So many pretty pictures in this post! =D

Anonymous said...

Very nice especially 'Jailed flowers' foto :)! I felt as if I was there in Atlanta!


Anishi said...

This makes me miss atlanta <3

Anonymous said...

You are a good photographer! And there are 2 o's in macaroon.

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