A Key Lime-y Pie!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Every couple of months, I crave a slice of key lime pie. Publix has such a yummy one! I love that it's available by the slice too... It's so citrusy and bordering on sour, I love it.

Anyway, I felt like I should try to make my own, at least once. Ok, that's not the whole truth. I never expected to make one, at least not for a while. But I did try blueberry macarons one more time, and made the chocolate ones for the bake sale, which left me with four egg yolks. So I looked up recipes online and happened to find a key lime pie recipe that called for 4 egg yolks, totally coincidental!

I made it the next day. I told my mom to take it to work but she and my stepdad loved it and kept. Which is funny to me, because I don't think it was half as good as the Publix one! They haven't tried that one yet though... Even Sanjana loved it, but she hasn't tried the Publix one either...

This recipe was so simple, although I skipped the lime and zest since I didn't have a lime. It turned out not half as sweet as usual key lime pies, and it was fun to decorate the edges.

Recipe found here.
I was lazy and didn't want to make my own crust, especially when I saw how much butter goes into it, so I just bought a pre-made graham cracker crust.

Happy baking! :)


Anonymous said...

I also love Key Lime pie!! Thanks for link to the recipe; I will try it over weekend :) Never thought it would be simple.
Also the 'key lime' in the photo in recipe looks like ones we get in India. Incidentally, we also get these crusts in Spar Supermart in India! :)


Quay Po Cooks said...

Key lime pie is a nice dessert, I not tried making one from scratch but made once from a premix. This looks great.

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