Yellow Fever and Playing with Food

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love these Taro wafers. I may be brown on the outside (I'm more like a lightish/pinkish honestly) but I'm totally yellow on the inside. I've had yellow fever for most of my life; I love all things Asian!

Living in the 'burbs was great if only for the proximity of Buford Hwy, the long stretch of all things deliciously Asian. I miss my dim sum, and pho, and Banh Mi sandwiches... my favorite Mee Goreng noodles, dan (egg) tarts, bubble tea, and Korean BBQ ribs (galbi!).

Well, the other day I ventured out to that side a little bit and got my favorite taro wafers! I used to eat the strawberry ones when I was a kid in India but I love these more cuz they're so light. Taro is a vegetable root that Asians like to put in their foods and drinks. It reminds me a bit of vanilla and it's purple. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it... I just found out Cherry doesn't like it, haha.

Anyway, I played with my food a bit, and felt like a kid. Although eating these in general makes me feel like a kid. I always look down and see a billion crumbs on my shirt after I'm done... it gets messy! I also picked up my regular black milk tea with grass jelly and bubbles but I drank that way too fast, so no picture :(

I still dream about this meal I had in China. It was just after a rainy rainy day in Lijiang, and we went to this place near our hotel to eat some breakfast. Joe kept going on about how excited he was for me to try this. It did not disappoint! The broth was mind-blowing, I can still taste it... And then these are all the contents you dump into the broth and eat. I don't know why I'm torturing myself!

Anyway, here I go:

Foods I miss in China:

1. Blueberry Egg Tarts from Chinese KFC!
2. DUCK!!
3. Red Tea!
4. Turkish ice cream that doesn't melt!
5. Soft dinner roll like buns that you overturn and stuff with that corn stuff!
6. Andy's parents treated us to a Chinese dinner that I still can't stop thinking about!
7. Deep-fried xiaolongbao (dumplings with soup inside)!
8. Meat on rice from Chinese Muslim restaurant!
9. Fresh fruit in Hong Kong!
10. Best broth ever!
11. Eating fresh xiaolongbao from the original store in Shanghai, steamed!
12. Tofu skins you stuff with that stuff in the middle of the plate, delicious!

Foods I DO NOT miss in China:

1. Blueberry Lays Chips, not a good idea (Lychee? even worse)
2. Sea cucumber (slimy, gross, I gag thinking about it)
3. Spiciest wonton soup of my life but some may love this and
4. Yak beef = weird.

Sigh, there were many more foods I loved that I didn't put on here, but my list of dislikes really was reduced to these. Eating on the trip was seriously a trip... But it wouldn't have been so much fun w/out these guys :)

Hmm, this was originally just supposed to be a post about playing with my wafer cookies. Ah well.


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