Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I used to love this brownie cupcake I had in a little chocolatier shop in Atlanta. It was very crumbly and cracked at the top. And on the bottom, it was moist and dense. It also had caramel and pecans inside. Heaven.

So when I saw someone post a recipe of a pretty cracked top cupcake on FoodGawker, I had to try to make it. It asked for a LOT of dark chocolate in the batter. The result? Just the consistency I wanted! Of course, the original recipe was gluten-free and asked for almond meal, which I don't have, so I used regular flour instead.

The cupcake definitely didn't need any frosting, and I think there's something beautiful in all the cracks that came from baking.

On a side note, there were only so many I could eat and I didn't know what to do with this batch! So I played around and practiced decorating. Recently, a blog posted this decorating technique and I absolutely fell in love with it, so I had to try it out.

It's so cute! It looks like a mini cupcake in itself but it's actually a reese's peanut butter cup, which is great since it already comes in a cupcake wrapper :)
I used a basic vanilla cream cheese frosting for this, since it was only for show and white would look good on chocolate.

I've realized that if I must eat a white frosting, I'd prefer it to be cream cheese over buttercream... However, I'm not sure the cream cheese frosting worked with this super dark chocolate cupcake, so I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend these cute cupcake toppers though! You just have to frost your peanut butter cup and set it on top!
PS. I loved the expressions on my friends' faces when they saw this!


YW said...

Wow! You sell your baked goods? Man, you must be really good! Hehe...so cute! And yes, I do love cream cheese frosting more than buttercream. oh man, i miss cream cheese - they don't have it here in sierra leone - but then again, they don't have cupcakes either - or a lot of other things for that matter...

Amrita said...

haha thaanks :) I can't believe you're in Sierra Leone, exciting!

Aba said...

Oh! I didn't notice that you used regular flour! When I first read the recipe I saw the almond flour and immediately wrote off making these. I don't usually like chocolate cake because it's not moist enough, but good, moist, fluffy chocolate cake is to die for (I'm not a huge fan of the really dense ones that are a few steps beyond brownies and getting too close to just being chocolate bars with a tiny bit of flour).

Honey said...

wow, this looks heavenly. i could just taste it, gooey, buttery, with a hint of orange. i would make mini cupcakes out of this to avoid the guilt. :-) great job!

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