Blueberry Muffins/Cupcakes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is going a bit backwards since this is one of the last recipes I made in St. Louis...  I had a pretty good trip besides the fact that I planned my dates horribly and landed up in the midst of Joe's exams. Not smart. But thankfully he is because he did great on all of them despite me being there! I had to learn to cook actual meals instead of desserts all the time since he didn't have time to cook. It was interesting. I'm glad I have more recipes under my belt now. It's so midwestern housewife of me but I did make a really great meatloaf on one of the nights...!

Joe and his roommate generally buy a box of huge muffins from Sam's but those look so calorically dense and a bit stale. I decided I wanted to make them fresh muffins so they'd stop eating the store-bought crap. So I bought a bag of frozen blueberries but then I didn't get to use them for a week since I had other things to make and do. The bag proved to be quite useful though, since we used it as an ice pack for his roommate's girlfriend and for me when it was needed :)

So yeah, I looked up recipes for blueberry cakes. I didn't want to make a boring ole muffin and wanted something softer and closer to cupcake texture. I found an appropriate recipe, but it required a stick of butter for about a dozen cupcakes! That's a lot. So instead, I put in about a quarter of butter and replaced the rest with olive oil. At least I think it was olive oil. It may have been canola oil. This is Joe and his roommate's fault for pouring oil into a jar and leaving it completely unlabeled. It's one of the two!

The cupcakes turned out oh so soft. They were extremely light and delicious. My STL friends loved my cream cheese frosting so much that I had tucked some away in a jar in a fridge so I smeared half the cupcakes with that. For the other half, I made my flour frosting... something interesting happened there. When I made it with the strawberry cupcakes, I put fresh strawberries directly into the frosting and it held up great. But since these were frozen, I just poured the juice out from the bag into the frosting and mixed it up. I think this separated the butter because it came out looking super funky. But it tasted great!

Surprisingly, everyone preferred the weird looking frosting to the cream cheese one. I think the frosting could look pretty from some angles, and then frighteningly inedible from others... I probably wouldn't do it again and just use fresh blueberries if possible.

I made 24 of these and only 3 were left the next morning. I would love to make these again! They're so light and fluffy, it doesn't feel like you've eaten much... which could be a bit dangerous I suppose.

More posts about STL and cooking soon!


The Mad Hao Guru said...

i will get you guys real ice packs. i promise.

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