Girl Scouts Cookies' Greatest Hits

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've started compiling some of the most creative and unique sweet creations I keep coming across the internet. I know there are lots of compilations everywhere, but I'd love to make my own; to share with you guys, and to keep on my blog for future reference. 

People come up with some of the most amazing ideas. I decided to do some Girl Scouts cookies variations, since I'm assuming you've all splurged on many, many boxes of the original baked goods... Just in case you've gotten a bit tired of eating them plain (if that's possible), here are some way to incorporate them into desserts that are more than just crumbling them in some ice-cream.

(My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mints! I love eating them frozen. What are yours?!)

Click ahead to see the source behind the photo and check out their blogs for the recipes...

Samoa Macarons - Barbara Bakes

Thin Mint Gooey Cake Bars - PickyPalate

Savannah Smiles Frozen Lemonade Tarts - The Clever Culinarian

Samoa Bark - Cookies and Cups

Chocolate Cookie Pudding - My.Recipes

Do-si-dos & Tagalong Bundt Cake - Sugar Derby

Let me know if there's something you think should be on this list in the comments :)


StephenB said...

Now I know why I bought all those cookies!

thelittleloaf said...

Another gorgeous round up - loving these posts :-)

Stefanie Ellis said...

Thank you so much for choosing the Clever Culinarian's Savannah Smiles Frozen Lemonade Tarts as one of the Girl Scout Cookie recipes to highlight! I started a food blogger recipe contest this year at Girl Scouts of Western Washington in order to prove that you really can use Girl Scout Cookies in a variety of sweet AND savory dishes. Sadly, we can only accept entries from western Washington bloggers, but I love seeing what creative recipes are coming out of kitchens across the country. There are more recipes on our website, and you are welcome to share them with your readers!

Also, I'm a St. Louis girl! I now call Seattle home, but I will be sure to check you out at Straubs when I come to visit!

Amrita Rawat said...

Thanks guys!

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