April Fool's Day: Greatest Hits

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fool's Day! Honestly, I haven't celebrated this since high school, or even middle school... Perhaps because not only am I dating a prankster, I'm friends with quite a few of them as well; they don't just wait for one day to mess with me, sigh. 

I've always been amused and intrigued by food that deceptively looks like something you'd never imagine. There have been a couple of times when I've eaten something expecting it to be something totally different, and it's ruined me for life! 
Case in point: I thought all taro flavored dishes were sweet, and I bit into a taro dumpling expecting sweetness and was hit with a mass of salt; I've never been able to eat them again.

But me aside, some people have come up with some really creative desserts that look like savory dishes. Here are a few of my favorites :D

Click through to read more at the blogger's site (most of these aren't what you think they are!) and get the recipes:

April Fool's Day Cookies - Munchkin Munchies

Peach and Coconut Milk - The Cookie Shop

Asparagus Fondant Cake - Sweetapolita

Tricky Taco Cups - Taste of Home

"Chicken Pot Pie" - Dash

"Sushi Rolls" - La Casserole Carree

Let me know what you think! And hopefully these will inspire you to trick your own friends and family :P


StephenB said...

A trick and a treat... Halloween not April Fools!

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