Dutch Babies

Friday, September 21, 2012

This is my second time making Dutch Babies, AKA German Pancakes. The first time, I made it at night so I didn't bother with photographing it. Since the recipe makes two, I made one savory one and one sweet one and Joe and I split both. The savory one was like eating a crepe-like omelette; I omitted the sugar and added a bunch of herbs and black pepper instead. I sauteed some veggies and tossed it in the center of the pan after it was done baking, and then melted some cheese on top. It was so yummy.

For the sweet version, I opted for some lemon curd and fresh berries, topped with some maple syrup. This is, of course, my favorite way to eat these.

On a side note, today I learned that my boyfriend must really really really love me. In a sleepy haze, when I took Mila out for her morning poopage, I accidentally tossed my pair of housekeys into the dumpster with her bag of poo :( And I'm someone who is very easily grossed out by this sort of thing. I've held my breath just walking in a general vicinity of a dumpster for as long as I can remember. The dumpsters had just been cleared so the keys plopped directly to the bottom as a wave of terror washed over me.

I figured my only option was to just get new keys made. But then I called Joe, who was in lab, and told him about it. He had some time to spare and immediately came home, got out his fishing rod that he hasn't touched in years (I'm glad he didn't listen to me when I tried to convince him to get rid it), and fished it out. And then washed the keys and let them sit in a cleaning solution as he headed back to work. I'm not sure what I'd do without him, besides just get lots of sets of keys made...

Back to some Dutch babies!
I love buying any berries in abundance when they're on sale, and sometimes I have just a small amount left over from a random baking venture. That's the ideal time to make Dutch babies, since berries are the perfect complement in a dessert. Their tartness combined with lemon curd and maple syrup is just ridiculously tasty.

I also had some blueberries on hand when I made these, since I'm trying to get into eating oatmeal and I heard blueberries went well with them. Well, turns out they do, but it also turns out that I get sick of oatmeal very quickly. Go figure.

Anyway, these are super easy to make. I like to make them in my 9 inch pie pans, of which I have two. It makes exactly two and I really like doing one savory and one sweet. I also love the way they look, with the edges all crinkled up. It forms a bit of a crater which is perfect for filling with all sorts of simple fruits and veggies you may have on hand.

These are also easier to make than a crepe or pancakes, since you don't have to slave over the stove. They bake up in just ten minutes. It would be adorable to make mini versions of these and stuff them with different things, mayhaps for a brunch?

This time I made both sweet ones since we were sharing them with my friend Cate. She told me she used to work at a restaurant in Minnesota where they made these things and served them super fresh.

Dutch Babies/German Pancakes
Source: Smitten Kitchen! Click here for the recipe


Vicki Bensinger said...

These look so light and delicious. Glad you got your keys back. Our poip trash can has an odor too - quite disgusting. Lucky for you Superman came to the rescue.

Amrita Rawat said...

Thanks, Vicki! :)

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