Sebastian Stan Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan has left the set of the TV Soap Opera Gossip Girl. Those days are long gone and now he’s going towards more ‘serious’ parts. In fact, he is armed with heavy weapons, an iron arm, a great costume and a whole lot of issues. Thus, Sebastian Stan winter soldier will play the part of the antagonist of the famous superhero Captain American. He will be starring in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The movie will follow the storyline of Marvel Comics. Sebastian Stan is the antagonist but also Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s supposed best friend and former team partner. The plot indicates that, instead of being iced for seventy years, he was brainwashed and has now become a paid assassin who works for Hydra. And his mission is to kill anyone who gets in the way of Hydra’s plans. 

Stan claims that one of the most challenging things of his part is that Bucky had to act as he was a machine programed to kill. Also, he has to play the character of a super villain who once was part of the good guys. Be sure to watch this movie, critics say it will blow any fan’s mind.